It was about a week ago when I finally moved back into my second home at UCLA. I was excited to be back, but also a little reluctant because I did not want to deal with the responsibilities that going back to school gave me. I really did not want to think about having to plan out my future, figuring out how I would get involved at school, and all those things I would have to do if I wanted to one day be “successful”. All that scared me, and at times, I wish that I were back in the good o’ easy days of high school. I really knew my place there. I was the varsity basketball player, the 4.0 student, the scholar athlete… Those days were simple. Now, at a school with thousands of other varsity athletes that were also valedictorians, I feel extremely small.

It has been a year UCLA now and even though I love it and am extremely grateful that I attend such an amazing school, I still have those same yearnings for a sense of purpose. I need to discover or rediscover the things I am passionate about and pursue those interests because only then will I be truly satisfied with myself.