School Recap

These last few weeks have been crazy. School has been a roller coaster ride that started with my first under the average midterm grade. It’s bad, but I am not used to being anything lower than “above average” and for me to score that low stressed me out waaaaay too much. I knew that I could have done a lot better, but I just completely broke down during the test and literally forgot how to do everything. I began to doubt my own abilities which sounds over dramatic since it is only ONE test out of the dozens I will be taking during my college career. I have a tendency to dwell on one bad mistake. The upside to my obsession of my failures is that it motivates me to work harder than ever. Midterm #2 and #3 for that same class, I got 100% and 96%.

On another note, my accounting class is graded ridiculously. I was 10% above the mean on Midterm #1 and 18% above the mean in Midterm #2, but I barely got by with a B- on midterm #1 and a B+ on midterm #2. Why so competitive?! I am still a little bitter, but I will take my small victories.

Chinese continues to be super easy, probably because I REALLY want to learn how to read/write my own language as well as learn Mandarin. My Cantonese fluency definitely helps as well.


**Update: I went to look over my accounting midterm during office hours. My professor was extremely impressed with my score and asked me if I was considering intermediate accounting. “You should really consider it. You definitely have the skill set for it,” he says. Damn did that feel good. Maybe I really will consider taking intermediate accounting in the future.