Reminders and Words to Live By

Lately, I have been addicted to lists. With the new year coming around, it’s a new beginning and a new opportunity for me to improve myself. While this list expresses things I want to change about myself, I’m sure it can apply to many others out there. I plan to continue to expand on this list as I think of more things to say!

1. Be more patient. Take time to absorb my surroundings and appreciate the little things.

2. Do something every day that I truly enjoy, even if it is only for 30 minutes.

3. Remind myself that I am good enough.

4. Don’t live in the past and don’t push things into the future. Live in the now. Don’t make excuses to postpone happiness.

5. Read more. Learn more.

6. Put myself out of my comfort zone. Make mistakes. Fail. Learn from them, and move on.

7. Stop making excuses about not having enough time. Make time!

8. Laugh often. Smile everyday.

9. Keep an open mind, see the good in people, and let go of petty grudges.

10. Be me. Embrace the weird, and don’t give a shit about what others think!


Song – Memory Associations

It’s crazy the power music has to recreate memories. I went snowboarding for the first time today and on the long drive home from Tahoe, we listened to a bunch of tunes.  Some were old and some new, but what really interested me was the ability of certain songs to trigger vivid memories. Some were insignificant, but others actually brought me back to good times that had been buried in the back of my mind and forgotten. It was nice reminiscing.

Here are just a few that I came across:

Fix You (Aylen Remix): This song brings me back to my last longboard session of freshman year. My UCLA mains and I had decided to go to our favorite parking structure to have one last longboard session before the school year ended, basically like one last bonding session before we all headed home. I remember drinking beers, boarding, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company. It was probably the first time I actually had a real conversation with Nathan and Julian, and this was when Julian showed me this cool remix. This was also the night I had to pee in the bushes twice. Damn beers.


Cameras – Wiz Khalifa: This is only one of the many songs that continues to remind me of my amazing summer after junior year of high school. That summer, I got really close one of my friends and this was one of the  songs that was on our “summer playlist”. Sadly, I drifted from this friend and we no longer talk anymore. She was the one that took me to my first parties, introduced me to her friends (one of which I had a small summer fling with), and basically taught me how to be carefree and how to have fun. I still miss this friend a lot, and I wonder if it is too late to try to rekindle the friendship.


Armistice (RAC Remix) / Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix): Both of these songs remind me of the same SF trip I made with one of my very close guy friends. I remember the trip originally being 3-4 people, but because the others bailed it only came down to us two. Even though he is one of my closest friends, we rarely hang out 1 on 1 so it was nice having this rarity in my memory. That trip marked the beginning of a tradition of going to Haight Street and buying toys at the Kidrobot store. I don’t even know if he remembers that it was us two that started this tradition, but it has now spread to the rest of the group. We actually haven’t paid Haight Street a visit in awhile. Maybe I’ll suggest it for our next group hang out.


Only the Beginning – 5 & A Dime: This song played during the drive home from the last SF trip before my core friends and I all went our separate ways to college. That day we went to a certain hotspot in SF that I don’t remember the name of, to watch the sunset. Although we were freezing our asses off, it was so beautiful. Afterwards, we went to a random sushi joint that was a little pricey, but delicious. I still remember the extremely chill environment inside the car as this song played. We were driving along an almost empty freeway and none of us were talking. It was as if we all knew words were not necessary; we were all just enjoying each others company. I love how appropriate the name of this song is too. All of us were going our separate ways to college, and it was definitely “only the beginning” of the rest of our lives.


Surrender – Billy Talent: This particular song actually didn’t play today, but this is one of those funny memory triggers, and it seems only appropriate to include it in this reminiscing type post. This song was introduced to me back in… probably 6th grade, by one of my closest guy friends. I believe we were talking on AIM one afternoon, and he told me to check this song out. I remember being so convinced that he was trying to send me a message through this song’s lyrics because back then, I had the BIGGEST crush on him. I don’t even think he knows to this day!

She reads a book from across the street
Waiting for someone she’ll never meet

 Even though I know what I’m lookin’ for,
She’s got a brick wall behind her door.
I’d travel time and confess to her,
But I’m afraid she’d shoot the messenger.

You see, he used to live just down the street from me, so I fixated on these few lines of the song. I was too pussy to ever ask him about it thought. Whatever, it makes for a funny memory now!

Failed Undie Run


It is UCLA tradition to do Undie Run the Wednesday of finals week. Two of my friends and I had planned to do it for weeks, but sadly my friend got sick a few days prior to Undie Run. Since it only left my guy friend and I, we decided to bail on it also. I was pretty bummed, but I knew there would be many more Undie Runs so it wasn’t a big deal. But, my friend who got sick felt so bad about bailing that she made an interesting promised to me. She basically said that if I ever wanted her to do something, no matter how much she didn’t want to do it, I could bring up this incident and she would do it. It was basically like the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted and the rest of his gang had to do weird favors for each other because they owed each other a “no questions asked”. I wonder what I am going to make her do, lol!

Instead of Undie Run, we decided to have a movie night along with a few of our other friends. For some reason, we chose to watch Requiem for a Dream. Anyone who has ever seen it knows how trippy and depressing it is. I really don’t know why we chose to watch that in celebration of the end of finals… and how ironic is it that we were also drinking alcohol while watching it! Anyways, after that depressingly epic movie, we decided to lighten up our moods by playing the “Ha ha” game. I have to say, that game is fucking hilarious. To play the game, everyone lays in a circle with their head rested on the stomach of someone else. One by one, each person takes turns saying “HA” really loud. The point of the game is to be able to do this around the whole circle without anyone bursting into laughter. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Just try the game and you will understand why. That game had us straight laughing for 10 minutes nonstop.

What do the screenshots of the Group Me messages have to do with anything, you may ask. Well, one of our friends in our crew had left for home early. She did not know that we had not ended up going to Undie Run, so I decided to confuse her by explaining our night based on Requiem for a dream / what we actually did. The best part was that my friends caught on to what I was doing and joined in. The end result is this conversation that is way too funny to not share!

Secret Santa: UCLA edition

ImageA few weeks ago, I decided to plan a Secret Santa with my floor mates. I have wanted to do it since last year, and I was so excited to make it happen! Can’t lie, but it was extremely successful. We all gave each other gifts that were meaningful, and we could figure out who gave most of them because they showed their own personality in their gifts. After so much hardcore studying the past few days, it was the perfect way to relax and chill for awhile. I can’t wait to do it again for years to come.

As annoying as it is to plan events sometimes, they are always worth it in the end. I’ve retired my position as event planner for awhile now, but I think it is time I assume my role again!


Alumni Game

Today was the annual Alumni vs. Non-Alumni basketball game at my high school. I remembered playing against the alumni every year before I graduated, and it was strange being on the other side for the first time. I made the best of it, and even dressed up super ridiculous. I wore my bright orange tights I used to wear for spirit days, and wore track shorts instead of basketball shorts. I looked like a complete idiot, but I convinced my friend Nunu to do it with me and we had a damn good time.

Alumni Game

This alumni game brought back all the feelings I used to get when I played ball in high school. I really miss that feeling. Sometimes I do regret not playing ball in college, but if I had done that, there is no way I would have gone to a school like UCLA and had the experiences that I have had. I guess sacrificing college basketball for UCLA was just one of those hard choices I had to make.

Oh by the way, we completely destroyed their team. The alumni were victorious by like 20 points (: