Failed Undie Run


It is UCLA tradition to do Undie Run the Wednesday of finals week. Two of my friends and I had planned to do it for weeks, but sadly my friend got sick a few days prior to Undie Run. Since it only left my guy friend and I, we decided to bail on it also. I was pretty bummed, but I knew there would be many more Undie Runs so it wasn’t a big deal. But, my friend who got sick felt so bad about bailing that she made an interesting promised to me. She basically said that if I ever wanted her to do something, no matter how much she didn’t want to do it, I could bring up this incident and she would do it. It was basically like the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted and the rest of his gang had to do weird favors for each other because they owed each other a “no questions asked”. I wonder what I am going to make her do, lol!

Instead of Undie Run, we decided to have a movie night along with a few of our other friends. For some reason, we chose to watch Requiem for a Dream. Anyone who has ever seen it knows how trippy and depressing it is. I really don’t know why we chose to watch that in celebration of the end of finals… and how ironic is it that we were also drinking alcohol while watching it! Anyways, after that depressingly epic movie, we decided to lighten up our moods by playing the “Ha ha” game. I have to say, that game is fucking hilarious. To play the game, everyone lays in a circle with their head rested on the stomach of someone else. One by one, each person takes turns saying “HA” really loud. The point of the game is to be able to do this around the whole circle without anyone bursting into laughter. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Just try the game and you will understand why. That game had us straight laughing for 10 minutes nonstop.

What do the screenshots of the Group Me messages have to do with anything, you may ask. Well, one of our friends in our crew had left for home early. She did not know that we had not ended up going to Undie Run, so I decided to confuse her by explaining our night based on Requiem for a dream / what we actually did. The best part was that my friends caught on to what I was doing and joined in. The end result is this conversation that is way too funny to not share!


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