Winter Quarter Week 4

Lately, I’ve realized how much pressure I have been putting on myself to fit this mold of what it seems that I “should be”. I hate how I constantly compare myself to others, comparing myself to all the success in their lives while I feel as if I’m sittin’ here accomplishing nothing. I really need to stop being in this mindset. What I should focus on, is doing me. Follow my passions, go with the flow… do things as the opportunities present themselves.  I need to stop comparing myself to anyone but myself, I need to keep believing that things will naturally happen for me, and I need to be content with where I am in life. As a genius 13 year old emphasizes in his Ted Talk about “Hackschooling”, I need to just focus on being happy and the rest will follow.

Next week is going to be interesting. I have four midterms, one project, one quiz, and one homework assignment to finish. If it was me last year, I would be freaking the fuck out. For some reason, however, I am oddly calm. Maybe I have finally learned to control my stress levels. Maybe my choice to slow down and smell the flowers is actually helping. Maybe I’m just not at that point yet, and I’m going to have a major break down next week, haha. Whatever it is, I’m just chillen’ right now. Hopefully next week goes well. All I know is that once my Friday midterm is over, I’m fucking celebrating.


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