I think things are finally clicking for me. I am starting to live life the way that I should be living it, taking things day by day and being open to new opportunities, perspectives, and experiences. This quarter has been an interesting ride. I think I may have had more unique experiences and fun than most of last year combined, and I really have my change in attitude towards my approach to life to thank for it.

A major change I wanted to make for the new year is to take a more chill approach to life. I wanted to stop expecting everything to go according to plan, and to stop being such a hard critic on myself. I’ve let myself loose. I have had a lot more fun, and probably done things I wouldn’t have done in the past, none of which I regret.

One of my biggest fears when I let myself go is that I will start falling behind and “failing” in things I know I should be excelling in, whether it be school or anything else. The amazing thing is that none of that happened. While this quarter has been the busiest yet, since I am taking 4 classes instead of the usual 3, I have also allowed myself to have so much more fun. I have been more open to going out with my friends, to trying new things, to choosing to relax instead of cram another 2 hours of studying in even though I don’t think I could be any more prepared. Guess what? My grades have not taken a toll and I can honestly say that they would have been exactly the same had I approached my studies as I used to. If anything, they may have been even worse, since I used to hold myself on such a tight string. Long story short, this is what I have learned. Relaxing really is key. I have become a much happier person in the last months and its all thanks to my ability to chill out and “do me”.

On a separate note, I had two interviews today. The first one was extremely unexpected. I got a phone call from BCBG during Chinese class today, and I expected them to have called only to discuss the different internships available and to possibly schedule an interview at a later date. Instead, the lady started interviewing me on the spot, while I was completely unprepared and only had Chinese on my mind. Not too sure how that went, but I just find it interesting how that happened. Normally my phone is on silent in class. The only reason it was on vibrate today was because I had a scheduled interview for a possible Hong Kong TA job… Anyways, a little about how my second interview. It actually went better than expected! I felt prepared for most of the questions, or answers came naturally. I also made my interviewer laugh and even connected with him after our interview was over. Hopefully it actually went as well as it felt like it did!