Oh boy,

I have let myself go. I have to get back onto my health grind for real. I need to make realistic goals for myself to follow so I go through with it, but my tentative list will be the following:

1. I will work out 3-4 times a week.

2. Cafe 1919 indulgences will NOT be a weekly occurrence.

3. I will log my food intake everyday.

4. I will opt to choose fruit with my teas at B-Cafe more often (unless they are morning bagels).

5. I will eat more greens and fruits.

6. Fuck late night chicken tenders. Fuck that shit.




Winter Quarter 2014 & Random Updates

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Damn, this quarter passed by like a blur. I can honestly say though, this has been the best quarter thus far. Winter 2014 was both filled with immense stress and loads of fun. I’d say that it was the first time I had a perfect balance of both.Did I do a little too much drinking? Yes. Do I regret it? Nahhhh. When it came down to it, I got my shit done. 4 midterms in 1 week, 4 finals in the span of 5 days, no problem. Did I stress the fuck out? You bet I did, but when test day came, I always came around to calming my nerves down. I figured out my stress cycle too. I stress about a week before shit hits the fan, but it chills out the closer I get to the stressful situation. The day of my last two finals (Pic and Econ which are also my two hardest) I was relatively relaxed. Hell, I went for a workout instead of cram studying hours before my finals. I think that works best for me. Working out always makes me feel better.

What else can I say about this quarter… well, I got a lot closer to my floormates! All those late nights chillen & studying in the lounge together has its perks. I know I’m going to miss em all when we move to apartments next year. It is going to be awesome feelin’ like a grownup, but there is nothing quite like walking out of your dorm room and being able to walk 2 feet to knock on a floormate’s door when you are bored.

Guess whose working in Hong Kong this summer?! THIS GIRL! Yup, I got the TA position in Hong Kong and I am so fucking excited. It is going to be one crazy 6 months of my life as I go from working in Hong Kong to studying abroad in Shanghai. Just thinking of all the experiences I am going to have excites me. These next few months are going to be life changing, and I honestly cannot wait.