Stream of thoughts

I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate on school this quarter. I think that I am just anticipating the next 6 months of my life waaaaaaay too much and I can’t bring myself to concentrate on much else. I was officially accepted into my study abroad program at Fudan today! Everything is becoming more and more real. I bought my plane ticket to Hong Kong, I have filed all my paperwork for both my job and my study abroad, and now I am just waiting to receive my admission’s packet from Fudan and my TA handbook for CTY.

Real talk though, I want to aim for straight A’s this quarter. It is a little iffy because Econ41 seems fucking terrible, but if I put enough effort I JUST might be able to do it. It is so weird going from taking 4 classes to 3. Although, I do work 3 times as many hours, so I guess I actually have less free time than I did last quarter.

I am a little disappointed that I haven’t had many crazy adventures this quarter, besides first week.That needs to change.

Next year, I neeeed to go to Coachella. Shit.

And lastly, please let me find a subletter for the Fall. This is too damn stressful.



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