It All Comes Around


A few months back, I made the terrible investment plan. I had bet on the fact that Beyonce tickets would sell out quickly, and that I would be able to flip my tickets for profit. Turns out, I was wrong. In fact, a lot of people have been selling it for below face value, pushing me to do the same. At least my sister was able to find some friends who were willing to buy my tickets at that less-than-face-value price. Even though I will still be losing money, it is better than losing 100% of it if no one were to buy my tickets at all.

On a separate note, I have been wanting to learn a new instrument for awhile, but did not want to drop a lot of cash right off the bat before I was sure. Because of that, I asked one of my best friends, Brian, if I borrowed his ukulele. Today, I was talking to him about the ukulele again, and I told him that I definitely wanted to buy it off of him. I just wanted to wait until after I came back from Asia since I probably wouldn’t take it with me abroad, and I did not have excess funds to splurge at the moment. His response almost brought tears to my eyes.


God damn. Time and time again, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing friends. Thanks Brian, you don’t know how grateful I am to have a friend like you. Not many people can say that they have had a best friend since kindergarten, and that is something special we will always share. I love you to bits my friend!

The funny thing about my Beyonce tickets and my interest in buying a ukulele is that the amount that I would have paid for the ukulele were Brian not to generously give it as a gift, exactly equals the amount I would lose for selling the Beyonce tickets to my sister’s friends. Basically, I broke even. How weird is that?


On the Bright Side

Today, I met up with one of my really good friends named Kevin to go on a nice run at Alum Rock Park. A chill 4.5 mile run that should have taken no more than an hr ended up turning into a four hour adventure. You see near the end of the run, after we had already conquered countless hills and steep slopes, I took a slight tumble, well more like a slip, on one of the FLAT parts of the trail. The irony. Honestly, I don’t know how I busted my knee open as badly as I did… I remember sailing through the air thinking, “Please, no major cuts please.” and then looking down to see a gaping hole right above my knee. There was so much blood gushing out of it and dripping down my leg, that I couldn’t even see how deep it went. My second thought after seeing the blood was, “Fuck. Not my Nikes!”

My friend Kevin was awesome. He kept composed (as did I) although I wouldn’t be surprised if he was freaking the fuck out inside. We tried walking a few steps, but it was just too painful. He immediately offered to run ahead to seek a park ranger for help as I sat down at the side of the trail. We were still pretty far in the trails, so it took him awhile. It wasn’t a big deal though, I eventually got used to the pain and just kind of sat there dealing with it.

Bored, in pain, and with time to kill, I snapchatted my gnarly injury. Yeah, I think that was my way of not completely freaking out that my knee was busted open. As I sat there, a few hikers, runners, and bikers came by. It was very interesting seeing their reactions. Some of them gave me great disappointment in mankind because they completely avoided eye contact with the bleeding Asian girl sitting at the side of the trail. What if I was dying?! Others were better, and stopped to ask if I needed any help. I still wish I got to properly thank the nice biker man who biked by, saw me hurt, stopped, asked me if I needed anything, biked away, only to return shortly to offer me his water bottle and paper napkins he had taken from a bathroom down the road. Thank you, biker stranger.

It was probably close to thirty minutes, and several back and forth jogs by Kevin before the park ranger finally found us. He bandaged me up with what he had, and the three of us slowly walked to his car where he then gave us a ride to Kevin’s car. Part two of the adventure was driving to Kaiser to get my leg stitched up. There isn’t much to that part of the story; but in case you were wondering, stitches don’t really hurt that bad. It is the anesthesia they use that is a bitch in the beginning.

With my leg still dirty from dried up blood and my left Nike shoe slightly stained with that nasty red substance, Kevin and I proceeded with our original plans to go downtown for acai bowls and Phil’s coffee. Boy did those acai bowls and cups of coffee hit the spot. I also enjoyed seeing people stare at my bloodstained leg like, what the hell…?

I gotta take some time to give Kevin a shout out. He really is a top notch friend. Not only did he run back and forth down the trail to find help for me, drive me to the hospital, and wait over an hour as I was getting fixed up; he also paid for my acai bowl and Phil’s. He told me it was because I was leaving the country for the rest of the year. God damn. I owe him big time. I told him that when I came back from Asia in January, I’d treat him to beers at Father’s Office since we would both be 21. Shit now that I think about it, I should be paying for his whole meal, maybe even multiple meals. Friends like Kevin are rare. Love you dude!

Despite the pain and hassle I experienced today, I don’t necessarily consider it a “bad” day. Looking on the bright side, I now have an interesting story in my back pocket and an unforgettable memory shared with Kevin. On the not so bright side, showering is so annoying -___-

“The keys to success: Stay golden, and love cats.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI hung out with one of my closest friends last night and had a much needed catch up session with her. It had been months since the last time I had seen her, and since then, so much has happened in both of our lives. We legitimately talked for 7 hours straight. I didn’t even know that I had that type of lung capacity to talk for as much as we did!

Most of our initial conversation consisted of catching each other up on our love lives and our crazy college stories. Both of us have grown a lot since freshman year of college. Since the two of us don’t go to the same college and therefore don’t hang out with the same people, it was nice for the both of us to tell some stories to each other that we probably wouldn’t be as comfortable telling to our college friend groups. It gave us a chance to get things off our chests.

We ended the night with reminiscing about the high school days. A little background about my friend is that she is my first close female friend that I had made my freshman year of high school. I actually knew of her before I officially met her, through one of my best guy friends that I have known since kindergarten. You see, this particular female friend had always been on my guy friend’s “Top 8” back when MySpace was cool. She was the only other female on his Top 8 besides me, so of course I noticed her! I remember seeing her in one of my classes the very first day of freshman year. I immediately texted my guy friend up to confirm that it was her. When I found out it was, I approached her with a “Hi!” and a “You are ____’s friend right?” Since that day, we have been close friends.

During our talk about high school, I got the urge to look through my old high school yearbooks which brought back a flood of memories. It was a little sad seeing some of the long paragraphs some of my friends wrote me, who I have since drifted apart from. Then again, it was still enjoyable reading their yearbook signings because it was nice to know that we shared those amazing memories at one point in our lives, even if we don’t hang out anymore. Ironically, the people I am still best friends with barely wrote me even a third of a page in my yearbook. It is as if my close friends knew we would stay close, and that writing a lengthy yearbook signing was unnecessary.

Going through my yearbooks made me realize how much I had grown up. I have definitely moved on past high school. I’m glad that I have not gotten stuck in those glory days, back when school and life were easy.

I’d like to think that I haven’t peaked. I definitely miss being that two-sport varsity captain and valedictorian that came easily in high school, but I am still proud of my accomplishments at UCLA. I feel as if going back into the past and seeing my accomplishments as a high school student has given me a new surge of energy and determination to keep growing as a person. I have gotten a little comfortable with where I am with life at UCLA, but I realize that I can do so much more. It is sometimes hard to convince myself that I am still unique and capable of accomplishing big things when I am surrounded by such talented and intelligent individuals everyday at UCLA. Reminiscing about high school is definitely bring back that fire and confidence I used to have. I know it still exists inside of me, but it just needed that little push to start up again.

Random side note: “The keys to success: Stay golden, and love cats.” That was the quote I wrote on the yearbook editors’ page. I laughed so hard when I read that last night because I had forgotten all about it. That is so me.

One Week, 2 Days

“Your way isn’t necessarily the right way. Your values can’t be applied to everyone/everything no matter how you try. You are the product of what your surroundings have cultivated you to be. And that’s not the way you have to carry on if you don’t want. This is what you learn when you live in close quarters with people who are from different states, countries, cultures, backgrounds, and it may be the most important lesson of them all.”

I am not quite sure where I found this quote. Maybe some random post on Thought Catalog? Anyways, I’m posting it as a reminder for myself to observe different cultures with an open mind and to understand and be okay with the fact that it is going to be different than what I am used to. I am going to meet people from all over the world, and I can’t wait to learn all about their lifestyles, perspectives, and cultures. I can’t wait to be challenged on my beliefs and to develop myself as a person.

I have exactly a week and 2 days before I leave California and endure a 12 hour plane ride to Asia, my new home for the rest of the year. This is so surreal; I still can’t believe that I am going to be gone for so long. I know my time abroad is going to be amazing from Hong Kong to Shanghai, to wherever else I decide to visit… Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. My goal while I am abroad is to be a “yes” girl. This is the perfect time for me to do whatever the heck I want. No more being self-conscious, no more feelin’ embarrassed, no more being afraid. This girl finna live it up while she’s abroad (: