On the Bright Side

Today, I met up with one of my really good friends named Kevin to go on a nice run at Alum Rock Park. A chill 4.5 mile run that should have taken no more than an hr ended up turning into a four hour adventure. You see near the end of the run, after we had already conquered countless hills and steep slopes, I took a slight tumble, well more like a slip, on one of the FLAT parts of the trail. The irony. Honestly, I don’t know how I busted my knee open as badly as I did… I remember sailing through the air thinking, “Please, no major cuts please.” and then looking down to see a gaping hole right above my knee. There was so much blood gushing out of it and dripping down my leg, that I couldn’t even see how deep it went. My second thought after seeing the blood was, “Fuck. Not my Nikes!”

My friend Kevin was awesome. He kept composed (as did I) although I wouldn’t be surprised if he was freaking the fuck out inside. We tried walking a few steps, but it was just too painful. He immediately offered to run ahead to seek a park ranger for help as I sat down at the side of the trail. We were still pretty far in the trails, so it took him awhile. It wasn’t a big deal though, I eventually got used to the pain and just kind of sat there dealing with it.

Bored, in pain, and with time to kill, I snapchatted my gnarly injury. Yeah, I think that was my way of not completely freaking out that my knee was busted open. As I sat there, a few hikers, runners, and bikers came by. It was very interesting seeing their reactions. Some of them gave me great disappointment in mankind because they completely avoided eye contact with the bleeding Asian girl sitting at the side of the trail. What if I was dying?! Others were better, and stopped to ask if I needed any help. I still wish I got to properly thank the nice biker man who biked by, saw me hurt, stopped, asked me if I needed anything, biked away, only to return shortly to offer me his water bottle and paper napkins he had taken from a bathroom down the road. Thank you, biker stranger.

It was probably close to thirty minutes, and several back and forth jogs by Kevin before the park ranger finally found us. He bandaged me up with what he had, and the three of us slowly walked to his car where he then gave us a ride to Kevin’s car. Part two of the adventure was driving to Kaiser to get my leg stitched up. There isn’t much to that part of the story; but in case you were wondering, stitches don’t really hurt that bad. It is the anesthesia they use that is a bitch in the beginning.

With my leg still dirty from dried up blood and my left Nike shoe slightly stained with that nasty red substance, Kevin and I proceeded with our original plans to go downtown for acai bowls and Phil’s coffee. Boy did those acai bowls and cups of coffee hit the spot. I also enjoyed seeing people stare at my bloodstained leg like, what the hell…?

I gotta take some time to give Kevin a shout out. He really is a top notch friend. Not only did he run back and forth down the trail to find help for me, drive me to the hospital, and wait over an hour as I was getting fixed up; he also paid for my acai bowl and Phil’s. He told me it was because I was leaving the country for the rest of the year. God damn. I owe him big time. I told him that when I came back from Asia in January, I’d treat him to beers at Father’s Office since we would both be 21. Shit now that I think about it, I should be paying for his whole meal, maybe even multiple meals. Friends like Kevin are rare. Love you dude!

Despite the pain and hassle I experienced today, I don’t necessarily consider it a “bad” day. Looking on the bright side, I now have an interesting story in my back pocket and an unforgettable memory shared with Kevin. On the not so bright side, showering is so annoying -___-


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