Am I Officially Cool?

Today, I caught one of my students pretending to read her book when in reality, she was using her phone. When I confronted her, she told me that she was trying to stalk me on Facebook. She then continued with “Do you shop at American Eagle a lot?” when I asked her why she was asking, she said, “I noticed that a lot of your shorts have the AE symbol on the butt. Your shirts too. You wore your current shirt on the first day of class right?” (that was over a week ago)

A few minutes later, the same girl told me that I was swaggy and cool. Should I be flattered or creeped out? I’m gonna go with flattered. Kids say the darnest things.


Weekend Shenanigans




  • Beers by the bay
  • Ice breaker game with the coworkers where we took turns giving two options that everyone else had to choose from. Whoever was opposite the speaker drank.
  • Beerfest
  • Stealing a cab from this group of foreigners because they weren’t smart enough to pursue taxis. They stood on the side of the street in LKF waiting for one to come to them. They gave us the dirtiest looks as we drove by. Dummies.
  • 12AM McDonalds and making up stories about the miserable couple sitting across from us
  • Arguing with a local who would not let us use his elevator. Grant it, that elevator is for residence of his building, but some of us were in no shape to hike up the hill after a night of shenanigans, and the elevators led straight to the dorms. He stuck his foot at the door of the elevator, hard cider in one hand, and started yelling at us. He calls over the security guard and even threatened to call the police. I could tell even the security guard didn’t want a part in it and honestly, we weren’t disrupting anyone. Things got a little heated, but eventually we were the acted as the bigger person (people?) and got off the elevator and took the next one going up. The security guard didn’t even make us leave -_- That local was fucking ridiculous. Well, now I got a story to tell!
  • Temple Street + Pakistani food
  • The Lego Movie because EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEEE.


Ping Pong


Two nights ago, I hit up a bar called Ping Pong 129. Based on the name, I pictured a bar where you were able to play ping pong at.. but nope! It turned out to be this super chill place with a beautiful interior that blended Spanish and Chinese culture together. This place specializes in gin, and apparently has some of the best gin in Hong Kong. Don’t quote me on that though, that was just what my coworker told me!

Over some nice drank, my coworkers and I chilled and some of the returners told me all about the CTY gossip. It was so interesting getting to know everyone in a different light. I had no idea so much happened on the DL that I probably shouldn’t disclose on a public wordpress post, LOL.

Afterwards, a few of continued the night with some Thai food. I met a former CTY administrator and had crazy connections with her. Here is the rundown of her background:

  • UCLA C/O 2011 graduate
  • studied abroad in HK her junior year, same as my sister
  • originally from the Bay Area
  • first CTY experience in Hong Kong
  • currently lives in Asia and probably will for the next few years

Crazy right? That basically sounds like me in a nutshell, or at least the me that I hope I will become in a few years. Too weird.

Anyways, that was probably the most fun bonding sesh I had with my coworkers since I started CTY. It was the first time I felt totally comfortable with everyone, and I feel like it is only going to get better from here. I think I am going to Beer Fest w/ the coworkers this weekend!


7/12 : LKF Part 2

I decided to go out with a few of the CTY folks. They ended up wanting to go to LKF. In my head I was like, shit. I just went there last night. But, I went regardless because I wanted some bonding time with the coworkers.


Our first stop was a rooftop bar at Hotel LKF down Wyndham Street. The view up there is amazing. I wish I had a nice DSLR camera up there, because it would have been beautiful. Anyways, we hung and talked. To be honest, I mostly listened because I was so fascinated by these CTY folk. Plus, they were talking about such intelligent things that I had nothing to add. All three of them were math/computer science/software engineering people. They began a long talk about complex equations and computer problems; nothing like I have ever heard before. They also talked about their lives, and boy did they have amazing life experiences.

Each day I spend with the people from CTY, the more interested and impressed I am about the people. They are honestly all so unique and in the 4 short days I have talked to them, I have already learned so much more about… just about everything. Fuck, these people are pretty damn cool. Most of them are older than me, so I still got a few years to be as cool as them, LOL.

7/11: LKF w/ a UCLA bud

On Instagram one day, I randomly noticed that one of my friends from UCLA had posted a picture at the Peak, one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Immediately, I hit her up and found out she was going to be in Hong Kong for the next few days. I knew I had to meet up with her because what are the odds of crossing paths across the globe?! Anyways, we decided to hit up LKF and even though I had to get up at 6:45AM the next morning, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to hang out with her. The plan was to stay for a drink or two, and head back by like 12:30 so I could be up and ready for work the next day. Well, of course that didn’t happen. I went home at like 1:30AM, but that’s besides the point.

Here are the highlights:

  • Some random old foreigner, probably from the states, started talking to us and wouldn’t stop. He insisted on taking pictures with the three of us and we went with it. We probably made his night.
  • The bartender gave my friends and I free drinks. We were totally minding our own business at the bar, just talking among the three of us, when he comes over and sets down three blowjob shots (liquor w/ whip cream on top) and takes a shot with us. About 10 minutes later, he comes over again and takes tequila shots with us. I wanted to tip him or something, but he completely disappeared into the night. We honestly had 0 conversation with him. Thank you, mystery bartender.
  • The old taxi driver man that took the three of us home was probably the nicest taxi driver I have ever had. We had great conversations, that I can’t quite remember.
  • I told my friends about how I was going to have a whole month free in Hong Kong. They insisted that I spent a week in Taiwan (because they have a place there) and that I could crash there. So, I guess I’m going to Taiwan next month!!

I wish I had pictures but sadly, my friend forgot her phone in the taxi we were in. I hope that she gets it back :/

Orientation Day #1

Today was the first official day of orientation, where we actually got down to the rules, regulations, and how to’s of CTY at HKU. Boy, I really hope I start to figure this campus out because honestly, it is still a maze to me even after tours and countless times walking through the campus from place to place.

We did introductions today, and it was really intimidating hearing that basically all the other TAs which whom I thought were the same age as me, were in fact way older. They were all graduated from college, pursuing masters/phds, or have full-time jobs lined up. They all seemed to have their lives figured out, while I’m still here trying to take it day by day. When it was my turn to introduce myself, all I had to say was, “Hi. My name is Elaine Poon… I’m a 3rd year undergrad at UCLA. It’s my fIrst year at CTY, and… yeah.” Lol, truly the noobiest of the noobs compared to all them graduate students and whatnot. Hopefully I’ll have some time to pick their brains a little bit.

I’m continuing to meet cool people everyday. Its fun making small talk with everyone and all, but I’m hoping that it will soon develop into actual friendships instead of just friendly chatter. I take time to warm up to people, so hopefully it will get better and better as the days go on. Then again, we only have 3 weeks together. It is such a short time! =/

Tours, People, and Food


Today, I finally met the CTY staff that I will be working with for the next three weeks. Everyone was extremely nice, and almost always tried to strike up conversations with me. As of now, I remember 7 of their names and faces. I made the effort to write them down when I got back to my dorm so it could help me remember them better xD

The most entertaining thing about today was hearing people’s perspectives of Hong Kong and the way they reacted to the food during dinner. Trying to explain to my coworkers what some of the dishes were made me realize that often times, I have no idea what the food items were myself. I just know what they were based on taste because I grew up eating the stuff.

The campus tour was great. HKU has a beautiful campus, and it’s endless flights of stairs and hills reminded me of UCLA. Good thing my knee is pretty much healed now, or I don’t think I could have survived the tour. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the first day since my accident that I have not needed to limp to walk around!

Tomorrow, I have to be up and ready by 7:30AM for orientation. Sigh, here goes my days of sleeping in.

Oh yeah, let’s appreciate the room they provided for me real quick. Ashley Ko claims it looks like a jail cell, but I like it. I still need to buy some tape so that I can tape some pictures up, but this will do for now!