Hello there, friends and family. I just wanted to spend a moment to say welcome! I haven’t told anyone about the existence of this blog, so this will probably be the first post that most of you see. Instead of making a separate study abroad blog like most of my friends have, I decided to just combine it with this one. Yup, shocking. Elaine sometimes blogs on her free time.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Well, I’m officially packed and ready to go. Am I really leaving the country for 6 months? Damn. Is it weird to say that the two things at the top of my mind that I am going to miss the most (besides friends and family) are legit Mexican soft tacos and pho? That just shows you how much I love food, but I am sure I will be trying a lot of exotic cuisines while I am abroad. At the top of my list is Shanghai’s drunken shrimp, as recommended by Alex, the assistant dean at Anderson. He was very adamant about those shrimps, so I can’t disappoint him. I’ll be sure to email him a picture when I finally try them. Anyways, enough with talking about food, its time to eat for real. For my last dinner in the US, I’m going to enjoy a juicy steak prepared by my dad (:

Feel free to follow my blog. I really look forward to telling you all about my adventures (that I will hopefully have)!



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