Day #1 in Hong Kong

My first day in Hong Kong was a day well spent with my good buddy, Jeffrey. He’s leaving Hong Kong in two days, and I am happy that our time in Hong Kong overlapped, even if it was only for a short period of time. For the last two weeks, he’s been staying at a the JW Marriot and his aunt is a VIP member there or something. Because of that, he had a bunch of cool perks, most of which pertained to free food (and alcohol) in a VIP lounge with an amazing view. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner there today, and it was absolutely delicious.

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Besides eating a bunch, Jeff took me to Hong Kong Park, which was a short walk from his hotel. In all my years in Hong Kong, I have never been there. At that park, there is a tea house museum, a beautiful coy pond, a plant exhibit, and a bird house. We made it through the first three, but my knee couldn’t handle going to the bird house because it was way up the steep part of the park. Damn knee. It really made my day with Jeff a little less excellent because I kept needing to stop for rests.

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Afterwards, we went back to the hotel so that I could take a short nap. It was around 3PM (12AM in CA) and I was exhausted from all the walking in addition to the jet lag. About 3 hours later, Jeff woke me up. For some reason, my contacts did not like that I took a nap, and I woke up with blurry vision in my left eye. Even after I took the contacts off (and even as I am writing this now, about 4 hours later, my left eye is still blurry. I think I damaged my cornea. Half blind and half crippled, I continued my day with Jeff. We walked around aimlessly, talking and figuring out what we wanted to do next. Finally, we decided to go to Causeway Bay because Jeff wanted me to try his favorite snake soup joint. I was a little iffy because the idea of snake soup was weird to me, but I finally agreed. It was a great decision because the soup turned out pretty yummy. Also, Jeff paid for me which made it even better (:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It is currently 10:30PM (7:30AM in CA) and I am debating on whether I should go to bed. Everyone in the house is asleep already, and there is no wifi here. When I visit my cousin, I will probably bring my laptop so I can leech off her wifi to post this.


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