Tours, People, and Food


Today, I finally met the CTY staff that I will be working with for the next three weeks. Everyone was extremely nice, and almost always tried to strike up conversations with me. As of now, I remember 7 of their names and faces. I made the effort to write them down when I got back to my dorm so it could help me remember them better xD

The most entertaining thing about today was hearing people’s perspectives of Hong Kong and the way they reacted to the food during dinner. Trying to explain to my coworkers what some of the dishes were made me realize that often times, I have no idea what the food items were myself. I just know what they were based on taste because I grew up eating the stuff.

The campus tour was great. HKU has a beautiful campus, and it’s endless flights of stairs and hills reminded me of UCLA. Good thing my knee is pretty much healed now, or I don’t think I could have survived the tour. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the first day since my accident that I have not needed to limp to walk around!

Tomorrow, I have to be up and ready by 7:30AM for orientation. Sigh, here goes my days of sleeping in.

Oh yeah, let’s appreciate the room they provided for me real quick. Ashley Ko claims it looks like a jail cell, but I like it. I still need to buy some tape so that I can tape some pictures up, but this will do for now!



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