7/12 : LKF Part 2

I decided to go out with a few of the CTY folks. They ended up wanting to go to LKF. In my head I was like, shit. I just went there last night. But, I went regardless because I wanted some bonding time with the coworkers.


Our first stop was a rooftop bar at Hotel LKF down Wyndham Street. The view up there is amazing. I wish I had a nice DSLR camera up there, because it would have been beautiful. Anyways, we hung and talked. To be honest, I mostly listened because I was so fascinated by these CTY folk. Plus, they were talking about such intelligent things that I had nothing to add. All three of them were math/computer science/software engineering people. They began a long talk about complex equations and computer problems; nothing like I have ever heard before. They also talked about their lives, and boy did they have amazing life experiences.

Each day I spend with the people from CTY, the more interested and impressed I am about the people. They are honestly all so unique and in the 4 short days I have talked to them, I have already learned so much more about… just about everything. Fuck, these people are pretty damn cool. Most of them are older than me, so I still got a few years to be as cool as them, LOL.


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