Weekend Shenanigans




  • Beers by the bay
  • Ice breaker game with the coworkers where we took turns giving two options that everyone else had to choose from. Whoever was opposite the speaker drank.
  • Beerfest
  • Stealing a cab from this group of foreigners because they weren’t smart enough to pursue taxis. They stood on the side of the street in LKF waiting for one to come to them. They gave us the dirtiest looks as we drove by. Dummies.
  • 12AM McDonalds and making up stories about the miserable couple sitting across from us
  • Arguing with a local who would not let us use his elevator. Grant it, that elevator is for residence of his building, but some of us were in no shape to hike up the hill after a night of shenanigans, and the elevators led straight to the dorms. He stuck his foot at the door of the elevator, hard cider in one hand, and started yelling at us. He calls over the security guard and even threatened to call the police. I could tell even the security guard didn’t want a part in it and honestly, we weren’t disrupting anyone. Things got a little heated, but eventually we were the acted as the bigger person (people?) and got off the elevator and took the next one going up. The security guard didn’t even make us leave -_- That local was fucking ridiculous. Well, now I got a story to tell!
  • Temple Street + Pakistani food
  • The Lego Movie because EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEEE.



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