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What’s interesting about visiting all of these cities in China is that they are all so similar, yet uniquely different. Each new place I have visited gives off a different atmosphere. Dialects also differ a little in each city, and the Chengdu dialect essentially sounds like normal Mandarin with “wrong” tones. In comparison to Shanghai, Chengdu is a little less developed, for example, they only have two metro lines running through their gigantic city. It is also more suburban and less hectic. Streets were wider and there was more open space.

I had a great 4 days here. Chengdu has street food and yogurt to die for. Also, everything you may have heard about the spicy level of their hotpot is true. It got me sweating as if I ran a marathon, but it was so delicious. The weird thing with me is that I can handle my spice internally, but it all just projects outward in the form of sweat. Yeah, pretty gross. I actually sweat more eating hotpot than I did hiking in Chengdu, LOL.

Hiking and seeing the pandas were the two highlights of the trip. Although I wasn’t a fan of how China commercializes hiking by having vendors at literally every mountain bend, I can’t deny that there is beauty to be found in the mountains of China. We visited Mount Qingcheng which is where Daoism was founded. It was so peaceful (minus the Chinese tourists) and I found myself at ease and relaxed, even while sweating up the endless flights of stairs. The pandas, oh man. There was SO CUTE. We made the smart decision of going on the last day of our trip (when most people have already returned to work because it technically isn’t part of the break) and there was barely anyone at the panda reserve. We had front row views of these cute creatures, and we went early enough so that they weren’t sleeping. It was so worth waking up at 6:30AM for.

Chengdu, thanks for a great vacation. I’ll miss yah!


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