Shanghai Subways

Subways are one of the best places to observe all kinds of differently people in a city. Within 10 minutes time, you probably can see several dozen faces as people rush in and out of the train at different metro stations to go to their destinations. On the subway ride to meet up with my friend who was visiting Shanghai, a man in his late 20s/early 30s approached me. We had the strangest conversation which all started with him turning 180 degrees to say hi to me, and then purposefully sitting next to me in a completely empty subway cart. First, he complimented me on my skin that was “like sunshine”. Then, I found out that he was taking the train to go to a wedding in Nanjing and when I then told him I had never been to one before, he jokingly (or half seriously) said that I should join him. Within 5 minutes of our conversation, he whipped out his phone and asked for my WeChat. Slightly paranoid, I lied and said I didn’t have data/wechat yet because I had just barely arrived in Shanghai. All of a sudden, he was like, “I want to travel with you. I wan to go with you to TIbet.” I eventually asked him if he always made friends on the subway like this and his response was that he didn’t apparently, he decided to approach me, and he said that I left a lasting impression on him, especially my sunshine skin. LOL. Creeped out or flattered? Hmmm.

After meeting up with my friend, I took the metro back home. During my trip, I saw a violinist playing inside the subway train to make some extra cash, a very hip French-speaking black couple that attracted many long stares from locals, Cantonese speaking American adults that made me miss home, and a dude/dudette who threw up next to me.

I need to go subway people watching more often, LOL


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