Only In China

Last night I visited Fangbang Lu, a street FILLED with delicious street food. When I say delicious, I mean delicious. My friend Stepho and I decided that it was one of the best meals we have had in Shanghai. Yes, we have both heard all the horror stories about getting sick from street food and stuff, but we stay safe! (for the most part) Don’t tell me parents though, they would freak.

What did I eat there… I WISH I TOOK PICTURES! Some things you can find there: Stinky tofu, skewers, noodles, fried rice, seafood, pastries…  and every carby delight you can think of. I didn’t eat all of that, but I did eat great amount. Everything was absolutely delectable. I highly recommend checking it out.

Afterwards, we explored the area and ended up walking down a slightly dark, slightly sketchy alley. It was normal at first, just some questionable produce, food stands and restaurants in a relatively quiet area. Soon though, things started getting weird. The deeper we walked, the stranger the vibe. Suddenly, we spot these “shops” that gave off a strange pinkish tint, so pink you could spot it from afar. The first one we walked by, I observed random girls sitting on sofas, wearing skimpy clothing and smoking cigarettes. Then, we walked by another, and another, and another, all with the same strange vibe to them. My two friends and I were so confused and shocked and yes, it is exactly what you think. We walked by prostitution houses.

Still shocked, we kept walking and talking about what we saw. We then saw shop after shop selling washing machines.. then refrigerators… then other random appliances. If you ever need to find some hookers and home appliances, let me know. I know where to go.

Only in China.


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