I can’t believe the semester is already over. How did it pass me by so quickly? Where did the time go? I still remember my very first day.I remember distinctly, the moment when I was eating dinner with Amy and her uncles when I felt overwhelmed and asked myself “what the heck did you get yourself into. You are going to be in in CHINA for the next THREE months”. Today, I sit here on my last day in Shanghai in disbelief that it is already my last day, thinking about all the things I am going to miss.


I’m going to miss the Tonghe International dorms. I’m going to miss how my toilet clogs every other week, how my living room has no windows, how my room feels like an iceberg and my heater doesn’t even work.

I’m going to miss my 2G network. I’m going to miss the dial up speed network that didn’t let me load maps or webpages when I really need them.


I am going to miss biking through the crazy streets of Shanghai. I’m going to miss dodging cars in the rain with one hand on the handle bar, one hand holding my hood over my head because I didn’t anticipate Shanghai’s bipolar weather would act up again.

I’m going to miss Shanghai food, and asking the question “Am I going to get sick from this?” as I eat it anyways. I’m going to miss laughing instead of freaking out about the things we find in our food that should definitely not be in there.

I’m going to miss late nights at Family mart, being inappropriate on the metro, taxi conversations about poop, sex, and food.  I’m going to miss my the bonds I have created and the friends I have made here.


I am going to miss the good and the bad of Shanghai because both the good and the bad have left me with unforgettable memories, new perspectives, and new learned lessons. Studying abroad in Shanghai was definitely one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I’m going to miss you Shanghai, but I’ll be back to visit sometime.


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