One for the Books

If there is one piece of advice I would give to everyone based on the experiences I have been having the past few days, it would be to talk to everyone and try to make friends. Last night, I had the craziest adventure with one of my CTY coworkers. We went out to LKF with the expectation that we would find a chill bar to have a few drinks and to socialize in and, well, whenever I expect ordinary nights, things get crazy.

Unintentionally, we hit it off with one of the floor managers of this awesome bar we were at and coincidentally, it was her birthday. Long story short, we had rounds of drinks with her at her bar, met her boyfriend and some of her friends, and ended up hanging out with them for the night. After filling us up with free drinks, they took us to another place with live acoustic music where she not only knew one of the workers there, but would keep running into friends on the streets near that bar. I swear she knew everyone. Within an hour, we were chilling with a few more people she knew, one of which worked in the wine business in Hong Kong and another of which was the manager of a famous steakhouse nearby. By the end of the night, these new friends had bought us more drinks and invited us to visit their steakhouse to play wine cork pong with them.

Topping off this night was a friend I made in Hong Kong last year who must have been psychic or something, because he randomly hit me up to see if I wanted to grab 3AM dimsum in Kennedy town. This was me and my coworker’s plan all along so it could not have been more perfect. Actually, I take it back. He ended up treating us too. What?!

The funny thing about this friend is that he had contributed to my most memorable night of Hong Kong last year when me and a few of my coworkers randomly met him and his girlfriend at a bar in Kennedy Town. It had been his girlfriend’s birthday that night so when we hit it off, he ended up taking us out and buying us rounds of drinks at every bar we went to to celebrate. We were out with them until 3AM. Sounds familiar right? This is the beauty of random friendships. I can’t wait until I have the means to return their generosity and to spread the love to new friends I make in the future.


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