Lately, Facebook has been reminding me of my high school basketball days and damn, do I miss those. Has it really been 4 years since my senior year of high school ball? Sigh, nothing is quite like the feeling of representing your school and being on a team for a sport that you love. Being able to share one of your passions in life to others… to have fans come watch you do something that you both love and are good at… You really can’t duplicate that feeling in much else.


This photo showed up on my Facebook feed today. I still remember that day so vividly. It was my “Senior Day” game, meaning it was the last home game where all of the seniors are honored and are the starters even when they normally don’t play much. That doesn’t really affect me much because, you know, I’ve been a starter on the varsity team since my sophomore year, but I’m not bragging or anything (;

Anyways, I still consider that day one of the best days of my life. I remember being extremely surprised at all my friends that came, some of whom I am not extremely close to. Some of them even made me these hilarious posters and signs which I still have to this day, all on the walls in my room.

My friends were basically my personal cheer squad and when I came on the court, they single handedly made the bleachers erupt with noise as if we had a stadium filled with people. I remember feeling slightly embarrassed externally, but who am I kidding. Internally, I was beamin’ like the sun.

Here are some more photos from that day.


My family is awesome. Throughout my 4 years playing ball, they came to essentially every single one of my games, no matter how tired they were after work. My sister, I’m pretty sure, was living in LA at the time and made time to come. Even my cousin came all the way from Oakland just to watch me play that night. A week night to be exact, so he probably had work the next morning if I remember correctly.


It’s days like that that remind me that I have amazing friends and family that I don’t appreciate enough and tell them how important they are to me enough. So first, here is a shout out to my family. Thanks for always being so supportive with every aspect of my life, whether it be sports, school, my career… You guys really are the opposite of stereotypical Asian parents, and I really appreciate that.

Now, here is to my high school friends. Although we may have drifted some, you guys will always hold an extremely special place in my heart. I love you all and really hope that our friendships stick around well into our adulthood years. I want to go to all of your weddings and have our kids be friends with each other (: That, would be the best thing ever.

#NostalgiaAsCollegeGraduationApproaches 😭😭😭



It’s crazy to think that I will be graduating from UCLA in about 4 months. Just like your typical soon-to-be college graduate without a full-time job lined up at some Big 4 company, I’m at a loss, just hoping everything will fall into place.

From my conversations with my fellow peers, everyone seems to be having the same worries and anxieties centered around post-graduate plans. Among everyone’s mind is the job search and finding that perfect job. My question is, how crucial is that first job after graduation? Is finding that perfect job possible, especially when most of us come out not even knowing what we really want in the first place?

The older generations are always telling me and my peers to just explore and have fun while we are young, but it is so hard to do! I think all of us are freaked out about fucking up no matter how much the other people try to convince us otherwise. It’s starting to sink in for me though. I may be starting the rest of my life, but I shouldn’t be worried about making the wrong decision. I should just follow my gut. Life is so unpredictable that we can’t really think or plan that far ahead.

There is a pretty big probability that I am going to be abroad when I graduate and I think (hope) that’s where I’m supposed to go. The thought of it both freaks me the fuck out, yet fills me with excitement. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing though? I think it’s going to help me grow a lot and it is for sure going to push me out of my comfort zone. It’s going to be tough. For the first time ever, I am going to be moving to a foreign place without the crutch of friends and family to lean back on. I will have to make a conscious effort to form relationships and bonds with people because most likely, I will know absolutely no one in the new city that is going to be my home for at least a year.

I am thinking ahead though. Right now, I don’t have anything solid. If anything, I could be bummin’ after I graduate because I am still jobless. It’s such an exciting, yet terrifying time to be alive right now. People say that your 20’s is when you really start learning about yourself, and I could not agree more. Hello 2016. I have a feeling you are going to bring many interesting life changes and new milestones my way, and I am ready for you.

Oh yeah, here’s an attempt to resurrect my dying blog. Let’s see how well I keep this up (: