2 Months & Some: Stream of thoughts

Hello friends and fam,

It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve left US and moved to Beijing. My hope to keep better logs of my time here has all gone down the drain. GoPro vids have been scarce and blogging has been nonexistent, but here I am.

It’s funny, I’ve been spending the last two months helping students figure out their futures, teaching them how to write, teaching them to think deeply about themselves.. yet I have done none of that myself. I still suck at writing, and I have no real revelations since my time in China.

Life In General

My life has been pretty simple, and maybe that’s the way it should be. I work, eat, sleep, drink (occasionally work out) and repeat. Tbh, I probably drinking more on a daily basis than I ever did during my senior year of college. This can be viewed one of two ways: either I was a super lame college senior, or drinking culture righnow is too cray. This reminds me, if I don’t start working out again, I’m gonna be majorly 胖.


Work life is tough, but I am managing. Apparently it is going to get even tougher come October/November, so you may have to wait another 2+ months for updates. Haaalp. These past two days, I’ve stayed at the office past 9PM and I know this is only the start of it. You know its rill when you  have to be the one to turn off all the lights and A/C’s in the office. 我的生活很难。


I haven’t had much of a chance to explore much of Beijing. Of the tourist sights, I have only gone to the Forbidden city. HOWEVER, I guess I have one piece of major news: I will be buying a motor scooter this weekend. Yes, Elaine will be hitting the streets of Beijing after this weekend, and 北京人 should be afraid.

My social life revolves around my coworkers. Thank goodness I like them. However, I’m still tryina insert myself into the rest of Beijing b/c you can only handle so much student talk inside and outside of the office, especially when your ass is working until 9PM and you go out to happy hour with the coworkers afterwards. I say this, but on those days that I miraculously leave the office at 6, I just wanna go home and burrow in my bed with chips and Masterchef. Sadly, that is usually what happens. Give me some credit though, I did join a co-ed flag football team as an attempt to broaden my social circle. Moment to brag: Over the course of one game I went from being that one girl no one knew, to that someone everyone in the league knew because I scored mad TD’s for my team. We lost both our games, but wadddupppp. Destroying gender stereotypes and one upping boys in sports since ’94.


Beijing is where I should be right now. Today, I had a meeting with my student and his parents to discuss the progress of his college applications. After our conversation, his mom says to me that the past 2 months since her son started working with me, he has never been happier. He looks forward to coming to the office to meet with me and has had a great experience learning about himself and working on his application with me. She then said that her son really loves spending time with me and that she is extremely grateful for my help. This all happened right after my boss, the family, and I decided to take a selfie together to commemorate the ending of an awesome meeting. While I sometimes have extreme moments of frustration at work, times like this remind me that it is all worth it. I love my kids and I’m generally enjoying myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stressed as fuck about 90% of the time, but it’s good. I’m learning, growing, and having amazing experiences that staying in the US would not have provided me. This is where I should be and here’s a reminder of that to look back on in October, when major shit hits the fan. #fml #wishmeluck #bai #再见



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